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My Letter to Alien Abductees

For many people, being abducted by aliens is a traumatizing experience. No matter how fascinating it is, it can be very frustrating. Aside from the adventure, it is still non consensual human experimentation and a violation of human rights that leaves behind a traumatic and troubling existence afterwards for many. The abductees should at least be recognized or the situation should be clarified. With the little gray men in the picture, this would be even more interesting.

How great we consider the violation of our rights might seem strange depending on what we consider to be the alien agenda. We don't judge aliens they way we would judge people who have this kind of power over our lives. I think what we see happening now was well prepared and I don't believe the aliens make many mistake.

What has been puzzling personally a lot in the alien presence, is the striking parallels between reptilians and grays: the two main functions of our human brain. Our gray matter, or logical thinking and reptile instinct controlling sexual desires. The reptilians really do control our sexuality as well. We know this from female abductees like Pamela Stonebrook for instance. It can hardly be a coincidence that the extraterrestrial's hallmark would be so similar to ours.

It may be surprising that I am explaining what the aliens are doing, but this is a pretty normal reaction after the past 3 years of my life dedicated to this mystery. In 2005 I was overwhelmed by the same experiences as the abductees. The difference was that they were not presented as aliens, but directly as "remote manipulation technology" on which my computer literally commented, "This technology is invisible and can have huge political implications." I don't doubt for a single moment.

Let"s just focus on all the seemingly illogical things the aliens are doing, things which we don't see the purpose. I'll ask the question of why aliens would need to implant abductees, when they are perfectly able to connect telepathically with our brain without any device. Why then the implant stories? Another question is why they would use such primitive instruments on a spaceship while they can remotely control our perceptions and finally every single nerve in our body?

Why would they have to abduct us when they can do what they want remotely? The abduction accounts are mere scenery.
Altogether aliens are perfectly capable of going unnoticed and this means we probably perceive them exactly the way they want us to.

Karla turner said in 1996 about the aliens: (During encounters, they control our perceptions. They can implant false memories. From childhood, they manipulate us physically, spiritually, and sexually. And names deceitfulness and cruelty as their main characteristics , but how far their deceitfulness really goes?
On the JAR website is written only the abductees are aware of something historical goes on and that is historical. I don't doubt that, but in 1992:

California based therapist Gwen Dean noted forty-four parallels between alien abduction and satanic ritual abuse (SRA). Both emerged as widespread phenomena in the late 1970s and early 1980s, both often use hypnosis to recover lost or suppressed memory. Furthermore, the scenarios and narratives offered by abductees and SRA victims feature many similar elements: both are typically said to begin when the experiencer is in their youth; both are said to involve entire families and to occur generationally. The alien examination table is similar to the satanic altar; both phenomena focus on genitals, rape, sexuality and breeding. Witnesses often report that the events happen when they are in altered states of consciousness. Both phenomena feature episodes of "missing time" when the events are said to occur, but of which. The victim has no conscious memory. (Bryan, 138-139)

I completely believe that the events are two entirely different experiences, but with the same author.
Indeed the aliens do have more than one scenario
. In this specific one, the alien entourage is exchanged for a satanic cellar and the extraterrestrial perpetrators become human Satanists. The events become two entirely different experiences, but when a closer look is taken, the author is probably one and the same.

Both experiences are incredibly traumatizing. The same symptoms occur and "missing" time is reported no matter how the subject of the memories differ. Indeed I do believe the extraterrestrial gray or reptilian is nothing but a disguise. The secrecy is extremely well developed and still goes unnoticed as a mental control system in plain sight.

Just as suddenly, abductees appear to be in a space ship in the same way a ritual abuse scenario can be experienced or remembered as if it had really happened. It uses virtual reality in that it bypasses the senses. It is very convincing for the the person experiencing it as well for the observer or the therapist who considers it a result of suppressed abuse trauma in childhood. In the mid-1980's, an increasing number of support groups regarding this subject appeared.

The memories of abuse in the past where sometimes the parents are accused are considered real. Over time it increased to members of the family or entire national and international groups. In other cases, the victim realizes after a while that the memories were artificial and blame in some cases the non suspecting therapist.

"In 1997 a Texas jury awarded Lynn Carl $5.8 million based on her claim that treatment in the Dissociative Disorders Unit at Spring Shadows Glen Hospital produced false memories of satanic ritual abuse, and generally wrecked her life."

The same way several dedicated researchers undoubtedly believed the alien abductees, John Mack saw himself confronted with a mystery he could not explain.

All this started in the USA and the unexplained memories caused bitter controversies in psychiatry of past decades:
A war continues to rage between advocates of "recovered memories" and advocates of "false memory syndrome." When the battle gets this heated it is difficult to determine where the truth lies. I believe that both sides have some points to make. Are these recovered memories necessarily true? There is much debate about this. Some therapists who work with trauma survivors believe that the memories are true because they are accompanied by such extreme emotions. Other therapists have reported that some of their patients have recovered memories which could not have been true (a memory of being decapitated, for example).

Harvard psychologist Susan Clancy: "One of the most bitter and volatile debates ever to occur in psychology concerns the reality of repressed and recovered memories of traumatic events."
Clancy reports Recruiting people who truly believed they'd been abducted by extraterrestrials; Claims of alien abduction have become increasingly common over the past thirty years, she found a way to study memory creation without directly engaging the bitter debate over recovered memories of abuse. And listening to their grotesque and often sexually explicit accounts, she could be reasonably sure that the memories she was studying were not vivid recollections of traumatic abuse.

Yes of course she makes a mistake!
The technology was totally unknown, not recognized, but going unnoticed and manipulating world events in silence. It's incredibly dangerous.

Few people noticed the link to something much bigger even if confronted openly with it. The unsuspecting population hears the stories of satanic abuse of alien abductions never realized it was deceptive half-truths hiding an enormous surprise in our history. Now that it becomes public to thousands of people worldwide, they are completely surprised by it and how quickly it spreads.

This is about more than just the individual, this is about humanity. The technology used is extremely dangerous. In some cases it's been developed by humans for decades. The consequences of it are global and even visible at the moment but officially not recognized.

I believe this explanaition to be true for several good reasons:
I am a part of the world wide movement against the abuse of mind control technology. I was targeted in 2005 with this system and when all this started, I experienced total virtual reality. I was not in a space ship, but crossing the street and woke up half way surprised at how this was possible.

Only a few weeks later I realized it my brain being controlled through outside manipulation and I realized how extremely dangerous it in fact is.

The horror was that I had no idea what the plan was. I felt horrible and was scared to death because I was fully aware of being completely controlled with some technology that interfaced with my nervous system. Meanwhile, not only did everyone not believe it, they were quickly convinced I was mentally ill. This group only recently (2000) started increasing so quickly in numbers. Each person receives the remote part of it most clearly so that the target will draw their own conclusions. This in turn, is how the remote manipulation "decides" how and when it will show itself.

In addition to this, within each group the role of deception is played very similarly to the one played on the satanic ritual abused survivors. Half of the targeted individuals believe their harassers are organized in large groups. This is called "organized stalking".

The results of the survey shows more clearly what the technology is able to do in the sense of “make believe” people anything ....(only the first answer is completely correct …)

- Do you experience so called "organized" stalking?
Yes: 81%
No: 19%
- Your personal opinion about organized stalking
People are manipulated and influenced remotely without that they know about the technology. 12.36%
People and groups actively participate in the harassment and aware of the technology being in use. 21.35%
Some people around me are "organized" to stalk me, possibly paid to do so.: 14.61%
Both cases are possible, some people are manipulated, some consciously aware and involved: 51.69%
- Do you think you know who is using the technology on you?
Yes: 69.15%
No: 30.85%

A recently conducted survey on the remotely targeted individuals shows that half of them experienced the technology as able to insert actual experienced screen memories remotely and that confirms once more the technology that targets them is the same that causes the alien and satanic ritual experiences.

In the Belgium survey
Manipulation of Memory (screen memories, false memories): 43.16% and
Manipulation of Memory (forgetting/remembering/): 72.63%

The Chinese survey where about half of respondents are of Chinese origin, shows a very similar result,
forgetting and remembering in one same question together with screen memories +
Manipulation of Memory (forgetting/remembering/screen memories) 70.73%

Lets take a look at another example now of this kind of virtual memories that can give us a better idea of the possible political implications of this technology:
Alan Scheflin, a California law professor and researcher, has been pressing the U.S. government since the 1970's to reveal the full extent of its involvement in mind control. Mr. Scheflin, who teaches at Santa Clara University, was co-author of a 1978 book based partly on a flurry of material released the Central Intelligence Agency under freedom of information legislation Scheflin has just written a book that questions some research used to support the existence of false memory syndrome. He believes the success of the syndrome's advocates in spreading the message has prevented some victims from coming forward.
http://www.psychiatrictimes.com/display/article/10168/1158280 The recovered memory debate has been the most acrimonious, vicious and hurtful internal controversy in the history of modern psychiatry. From its very beginning in the late 1980s, it has been more an "ad hominem" war, appealing to feelings and prejudices, rather than a matter of reasoned professional disagreement. Scheflin.
http://www.raven1.net/hradexco.htm#VALWOLF testimony made on March 15, 1995, in Washington, D.C., before the President's Committee on Radiation.
New Orleans therapist Valerie Wolf introduced two of her patients who had uncovered memories of being part of extensive CIA brainwashing programs as young children (in one case, starting at age seven)., she died right after the hearing from cancer !
Valerie’s statements: "What was startling was that therapists reported many of these clients were also physically ill with auto-immune problems, thyroid problems, multiple sclerosis, and other muscle and connective tissue diseases as well as mysterious ailments for which a diagnosis cannot be found. While somatization disorder is commonly found in these clients, (many of the clients who have been involved in the human experimentation with the government have multiple medically-documented physical ailments, and I was really shocked today to hear one of the speakers talk about the cysts and the teeth breaking off, because I have a client that that's happening to.

The problems with health that are found in abductees mimick the ones that Karla Turner had before she was eliminated. John Mack was run over by a car. All this cause indeed by remote manipulation. This explains the world wide patterns of suspicious deaths of not only ufo investigators but microbiologists as well.

The horror is at that at this moment, the complaints are escalating about recovered memories of trauma based mind control, the people really believe it had happed in the past and accuse their own government, parents or anybody possible. That this situation is a pretty dangerous one is a fact. All this is happening on large scale and explains the global patterns but it goes unnoticed because it covers so many different things and seems to be coincidental. In reality, it is a silent attack on our world that's alarming enough to consider. The recovered memories EAS reports 2007 http://ritualabuse.us/mindcontrol/eas-studies/torture-based-mind-control-as-a-global-phenomenon/
Microwave abuse12% 04%
Non-lethal weapons abuse 56% 24%
Electronic harassment 50% 12%
Sleep deprivation 79% 36%
Auto-immune disorders 48%
Sleep problems 93% 75%
Migraine headaches 66% 38%
Fibromyalgia 31% 18%
Posttraumatic stress disorder 93% 70%
The rest of the symptoms is precisely the same , the memories arent real ....
R Noblit : "I mostly work with people who say that they were ritually abused and they are also dissociated. Some of them say that they think they are currently harassed by radio or similar technology, but some of them say there programmed to have this belief by their abuser group, whom they say used radio and radio-like devices during their abuse and programming. "

This is remotely induced not "made" believed…Same mistake made by caral rutz
Carol Rutz rapports her own experience and just as Randy noblit believes the other victims only were "made to believe there were remotely attacked , but that is a mistake …..
In their RA MC abuse. These are response rates regarding other spiritually-related memories.
53% of 996 report that perpetrators had on at least one occasion made them believe that external entities/spirits/demons had taken over their body.
55% of 986 report being ritually abused in a satanic cult.
Of those.67% went through the "Marriage to Satan" ritual.
14% of 969 report being ritually abused in a Gnostic cult.
23% of 971 report being ritually abused in a witchcraft cult.
7% of 966 report being ritually abused in voodooism.
48% of 977 report having memories of this abuse before seeking therapy or counseling.
40% of 957 report having at least one demon alter.

Cancers autoimmunity disturbances are not coming up by itself , nor by childhood abuse
Also this is remotely induced not just "made believed" ….
Also this is not from the past , but happening now …
often precisely the same technolgy is covered as vodoo .....(similar subject as Satanism)
Symptoms Of Voodoo/Black Magic October 7, 2007 http://misslatoya.wordpress.com/2007/10/07/symptoms-of-voodooblack-magic/#comment-240

All this is happening on such a large scale that its visible in patterns and statistics ….
The fact that this is pretty urgent and speeding up fast can be confirmed by the sharp rise in incidence of new attacked victims world wide since 2000 with the remote technology , possible to deduce from the statistical samples, on “when did the attack start ? The horror is at the moment even visible in suicides statistics …..

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Having read a huge number of John Wyndham stories from the thirties and forties, (my agent wanted me to adapt them for a TV series, which turned out to be as illusory as alien abduction) I can say that I can recognize an awful lot of the images from his work, in the scenarios abducted people seem to experience. In fact, a lot of conspiracy stuff seems to come from his work: see, especially, "The Secret People".

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