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Fwd: Hi , from Belgium, reaction on your article "Dream Manipulation and Mind Control Technology" Posted: February 2, 2007

Hi all , i am writing to many people , would like also to hear all your reactions on the fact that presenting together with alien abductions reasearchers,therapist on recovered memories of satanic abuse , and paranormal reasearchers, this problem as fundamentally one of human rights violations, would be rather a smart move than discrediting. Ofcourse the condition is they realize is IS  fundamentally a human rights issue, nomatter how it is "explained" ..., broadening our horizont seems to me very much ok , we know that the problem IS  one and the same, i know it may sound to some of you a bit strange, but taking a close look at it, it becomes clear .
Greets Monika
Ps who feels like helping me with this , is very welcome
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From: Monika Stoces <monika.stoces@gmail.com>
Date: 2008/11/8
Subject: Hi , from Belgium, reaction on your article "Dream Manipulation and Mind Control Technology" Posted: February 2, 2007
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Hi Jaye,

I  did read your article about our dreams are being manipulated 

http://www.ufodigest.com/news/0207/mindcontrol.html , and i do agree fully with that idea, I did realize this only in 2005, and meanwhile I see that this is a silent epidemic ,Since than i am in touch with a large amount of people trying to get the world out, to human rights organizations or media, and that is not really working well until now, many who consider it being technology don't want to be associated with aliens or paranormal things , scared to sound even more weird than if they would talk about mind control, in, me personally I do find that a huge mistake , because the totality of all this is camouflaged as several weird sounding things , alien abductions, entities , recovered memories of satanic ritual abuse ect (indeed, not only dreams are being manipulated , memories too ) , and with all these groups realizing it is one and the same things , we would be able to bring it out more efficiently.

This started as far as I can see , to become visible in the late 70 ties, and is now really a huge problem in fact.

Am looking for more people to cooperate with, slowly moving forward to put all what happens in one consistent picture, and get any kind of university or official organization to start to monitor it , as long of course it is considered as many different things , especially just aliens or paranormal stuff , and all that, I fear that nobody will take it seriously to put an official institution on this , at least not as a problem of human rights , and that is personally my biggest concern  at this moment,



 There was about this problem an article in the Washington post last year."

Mind Games Washington Post January 2007.



 I am trying to organize the targeted individuals a little bit, in Europe and I am also part of a world wide team, sending around case summaries or call it testimonies of "targeted individuals, or mind control victims around the world"

My problem is a little bit that my English is not so well to write really good letters or articles about it, still I think my ideas about it are pretty correct, while most people are being deceived on many different ways, and little people until now realize the connections between the different things.

Also there is running a survey on the subject, and the results are very interesting, showing what the technology is capable of , and when this problem started to accelerate …(in 2000 or 2001) . It would be nice to hear your reaction on this and any kind of ideas what we could do or proposals if maybe you could be of any help and willing to cooperate in some way or another,  
We have over 700 personal testimonies in our mail team.  I would very much like to do something more with all this than at the moment we are managing to do .



In case you pass me your phone number I can give you a call.

My contact details are

Monika Stoces

Oudemansstraat 22

2000 Antwerpen

00 32 (0)3 288 83 20


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