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Fwd: Hi Randy, I saw just received the video on witch you were talking and It felt nice to listen to you,

Dear Randy,

I saw just received the video on witch you were talking and It felt nice to listen to you, .

Dr. Randy Noblitt, Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist, discusses his book and work with ritual abuse victims; more TI discussions


I also sending this mail CC to Koen, he is someone I care about so much for so long already, since we were 18 J . . I suppose he thinks I am crazy, avoids me with the subject.   My mind control experience, started in 2005 with his smiling face I saw in my head, it was so clear; I could not have been imagined or hallucinated, and ofcourse he was one of the first people i run to.

This manipulation is so extremely precise, and "knows" so well what I feel.

Sorry if I have been inpatient or upset in mails especially to Neil Brick, about aliens. But I am having a hard time, feeling so  lonely with the subject to think about thoroughly, Most targeted people don't want to make the link to SRA and the rest since 1980, and having  the most incredible theories, all the time …

I would so much like to talk about this seriously, it is without any doubt the most important thing happening in history, don't you think so ? 

.There was a few things you said that drew my attention, the first one was the sexual behaviour of this man you were talking about, who could not resist, to make love with his friend, I do know precisely what this is …., and what frightens me a lot too, this "technology " (or what ever it may be) I don't draw  conclusions on it anymore) is indeed manipulating  our sexuality, and on large scale.

 I experienced this my self, it was around 1995, but I realized it only in 2005, and that feels terrible to realize "something" was playing with feelings, for which I felt responsible, Not that I care so much to go to sleep with someone, but I felt responsible for that manipulated feelings, did not feel this normally to him, and was living with that person for 3 years,. it was a very double situation.  While it would never have happened without the manipulation….after the sex I remember I felt such aversion, like I never had felt before in my life, I remember I was wondering from were that feeling came, this was around 95 maybe. Nothing happened all the time, after that, for the entire time we lived together, and one day I went totally coincidental to a clairvoyant, not even believed in that but was on a public expo of paranormal things,

She told me very serious that she saw a dead born child, and I asked surprised if that was in the past? And she said very sure of herself "no sure in the future very soon"  I did not think about it so much anymore,

Maybe a month later I suddenly felt the same manipulation, but did not realize what it was, it feels like the own will but different. And I went after years again to sleep with the person I felt a versed to normally. Felt again the same disgust, but so extreme that I felt horrible. You can probably guess, I was pregnant…It is no coincidence , my friend Koen in CC invited me along with a whole group to a conference in Mexico and I left., pregnant, and totally not knowing what to do with it . He will remember that, he gave me the advice as I also felt very strong myself; " I did not want that child, and I would hate myself, and hate it too. " After the Mexico trip I had the abortion, just as the "clairvoyant" had predicted, it was a very late one, a "dead born child".

I hope you see that I tell you that not just to tell my intimate story , but that this is precisely what you described on the video, that is what I experienced again all over when this started in 2005, they took me trough all these feelings, and I could "update" the past.  

Many women I know meanwhile who are targeted, rapport the same, it hurts like hell, you cannot imagine, especially when no outsider believes it.

Precisely the same is reported by the alien abductees, and most researchers rapport it . The subjects, sex and breeding. They are to take literally, and you noticed very well the similarities with that targeted individuals. 

That what you call "triggers" on the video, is nothing but the moment were the person is indeed confronted with some kind of trigger, but the trigger is not causing the feeling …..the feeling it self, so strong , is caused REMOTELY  and I am absolutely unambiguously sure of that , forgive me I insist so much on this , but I want to explain that to you really , hope you don't  blame me for this.  By the way you mentioned "voodoo" , that has indeed the same symptoms, and there is many who call them at the moment "victims of voodoo" , just to let you know.

I don't know what this remote thing is , but it is extremely precise and intelligent.

It seems not only to manipulate behaviour and thoughts, but also entire metabolism of the brain and every nerve in our body. And yes also has access to all electronic communications and electronics what so ever.  It is the cause also of chronic fatigue syndrome, and the autoimmunity disturbances in the survivors of satanic abuse, as in the alien abductees, and causes the trauma, sleep deprivation the pain and emotions they experience, the dreams, and all that goes together with MPD and dissociation.

It could not be so consistent with every thing; if it would not be true ….

I saw your book is out; I will get it and read it. Will write about what I know too, but in Dutch of course, this information is so incredible, nobody suspects how important.

When this started, they told me I would write a book, but it would have the status of the diary of "Anna Frank", it that is not cruel? …I try not to care and to continue, it is difficult to know this is happening all around the world with such an amount of people.

Please keep in touch, Greets Monika


Ps Some more info on SRA article and compared with aliens.


What the Hell is Satanic Ritual Abuse? ARTICLE 2006

2006 What the Hell is Satanic Ritual Abuse? From May 24, 2006 

Health's Disease and Condition content is reviewed by our Medical Review Board

I don't know. That's the short answer. Some abuse survivors, often survivors with severe Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), have memories of being abused in Satanic ceremonies. These memories are usually "recovered memories" - memories that emerge later in life, Abuse survivors who have these ritual abuse memories often remember very similar things. Was any of this remotely possible? I began networking with other professionals to see what they thought

On June 13 - 17, 1992, A Conference was held at MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

It was a conference focusing on the Alien Abduction Experience "Alien Discussions" contains the papers delivered at the conference and transcripts of author/audience discussion about the papers. written by John Archer  Edited by: Andrea Pritchard, David E. Pritchard, John E. Mack, Pam Kasey, and Claudia Yapp.  ( Published by North Cambridge Press )

California based therapist Gwen Dean noted forty-four parallels between alien abduction and satanic ritual abuse (SRA). Both emerged as widespread phenomena in the late 1970s and early 1980s, both often use hypnosis to recover lost or suppressed memory. Furthermore, the scenarios and narratives offered by abductees and SRA victims feature many similar elements: both are typically said to begin when the experiencer is in their youth; both are said to involve entire families and to occur generationally; the alien examination table is similar to the satanic altar; both phenomena focus on genitals, rape, sexuality and breeding; witnesses often report that the events happen when they are in altered states of consciousness; both phenomena feature episodes of "missing time" when the events are said to occur, but of which the victim has no conscious memory. (Bryan, 138-139)

Supernatural Support Groups: Who Are the UFO Abductees and Ritual-Abuse Survivors?

This article presents the results of surveys of 55UFO abductees and 51 ritual-abuse survivors. Both UFO abductees and ritual-abuse survivors are compared to the general population in terms of their gender, age, race, marital status, education, and occupation.

What has been lacking in research on both movements is sociological information on the

"clients" themselves.  In the 1980s two different groups emerged that exhibited a strikingly similar combination of the quasi-religious and psychotherapeutic—UFO abductees and ritual-abuse survivors.  Ritual-abuse survivors skew slightly older with an average age of 48 (47.7).   The UFO abductees were slightly younger with an average age of 44 (43.69).
In the mid-1980s an increasing number of support groups appeared that were centered around so-called UFO abductions. UFO abductees support groups attempt to help people recover repressed memories of victimization at the hands of extraterrestrials. Also in the mid-1980s an increasing number of therapists and support groups focusing on "ritual abuse" began seeking clients/members. Ritual-abuse support groups also attempt to recover repressed memories of past abuses. In this case, the abuse is believed to take place at the hands of secretive, underground, usually Satanic, cults.


Sharing Their Demons on the Web By SARAH KERSHAW November 13, 2008   Sharing their demons on the web

The mind-control sites remind some experts of the accounts of those claiming to have been abducted by aliens in the 1970s and '80s. One person's story begat another until many insisted they had had virtually identical experiences of being taken onto space ships by silvery sloe-eyed creatures. Some of those now posting on mind-control sites say they are being remotely "sexually stimulated" by their torturers. Some alien abductees had said similar things. Subsequent research generally showed that those who believed they had been abducted were not psychotic, but suffering from severe memory and sleep problems, or personal traumas, Dr. Bell said.    



More on aliens,sexual Manipulation and deception.  

To read Katharina Wilson's complete 10-part monograph Project Open Mind / MILABS:

Are Some Alien Abductions Government Mind Control Experiments?

Click on Or

"Maintaining Secrecy whether we are dealing with extraterrestrials or a nefarious group of powerful human beings, there appears to be a disinformation campaign underway. This has been orchestrated to mislead abductees - and therefore the research community and the public - as to what the truth is. In order to take the focus away from the true agenda, the aliens may want us to remember seeing "humans," and the humans may want us to remember seeing "aliens"

Who Are We Seeing? The military personnel...

a. may actually be aliens using the techniques of camouflage and screen memories to deceive abductees into believing their government is involved.

b. may be part of a secret agency or military team that is involved in retrieving information from abductees about the aliens.

c. may be working with some of the aliens.

d. may be Hybrids - a genetic combination or cross between humans and aliens, who wear military-type uniforms to confuse the abductee.²

e. may be part of a secret human agency or military team abducting humans in order to create or increase the impression that aliens abduct humans; or to sow confusion regarding the possible presence and activities of aliens on Earth; or for some other reason beyond our current understanding."

I Forgot What I Wasn't Supposed To Remember  Read Katharina's new book

Free on-line  Click >




The Love Bite: Alien Interference in Human Love Relationships (2000), Eve Lorgen
"The term was first coined the "alien love bite" by a small but growing number of aware abductees who began to realize that some of their love relationships were engineered by the aliens who abducted them."
"It became clear that the alien abductors be they Grey aliens, reptilians, human military or other unknown species, were heavily manipulating their "chosen ones" down to the very detail of their love and sex lives! Not only did these aliens set relationships up, but also they interfered in ways to break couples apart, friendships and even families.
Clearly, the alien abduction phenomenon entailed more than the simple medical exams, and missing time episodes as reported by the "credible" Ufologists and abduction researchers of the 1980's and early 90's. " "I believe that Dr. Karla Turner died prematurely as a result of an abduction-related reprisal for her boldness in speaking the truth. I personally know abductees and researchers who have been afflicted with a series of unfortunate "coincidences" following exposure to these darker truths. These reprisals included sudden divorces, love bite set-ups, health problems and even cancer. Most whistleblowers ended up being ostracized and discredited publicly one way or another." "Subtle orchestrations, such as being immersed in virtual reality scenarios, or flooded with mental imagery while physically in bed, are reported" "Then the inevitable happens—one partner is switched off, emotionally unplugged, leaving the other, still-obsessed partner in a state of unrequited love. These are not normal love relationships where one or the other partner simply wants to break up. These are clearly orchestrated and manipulated with full paranormal features."

 "Mind control & belief conditioning In order to grasp the aliens' true motives, one must understand the basics of human mind control. The exploitation of humans via mind control can be achieved by: 1. Removing the individual from their normal environment of influence 2. Depriving them of sleep 3. Inflicting pain if they disagree, pleasure if they agree 4. changing their biochemistry 5. Trauma


In The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, Kuhn argued that science does not progress via a linear accumulation of new knowledge,  but undergoes periodic revolutions, also called "paradigm shifts" , in which the nature of scientific inquiry within a particular field is abruptly transformed. In general, science is broken up into three distinct stages. Prescience, which lacks
a central paradigm, comes first. This is followed by "normal science", when scientists attempt to enlarge the central paradigm by "puzzle-solving". Thus, the failure of a result to conform to the paradigm is seen not as refuting the paradigm, but as the mistake of the researcher. As anomalous results build up, science reaches a crisis, at which point a new paradigm, which subsumes the old results along with the anomalous results into one framework, is accepted. This is termed revolutionary science.

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