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Fwd: I WROTE TO MANY THERAPIST OF TRAUMA BASED MEMORIES for sure that an enormous deception campaign is going on , but on entire humanity

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From: Monika Stoces <monika.stoces@gmail.com>
Date: 2008/11/8  TO KATHARINA WILSON & therapists
Subject: Fwd: I did read your article on Milabs, for sure that an enormous deception campaign is going on , but on entire humanity
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To all Traumapsychotherapists or anybody doing Study of Dissociation, please Read this , because this is extrememly important , about for instance the recent results of http://extreme-abuse-survey.net/ 
Kind Regards from Belgium , Monika Stoces
00 32 (0)3 288 83 20 any reaction very welcome , my mail to Katharina Wilson below ...it explains the problem.
and it is directly connected with what is described here as "electronic harassement"

Project Open Mind by Katharina Wilson  Helping Mankind
It is doubtful (but not impossible) that the human group would have intentions of helping their fellow human beings in the future. Unless the human group has developed the technology to look into mankind's future, my hypothesis is that any 'helping purposes' related to this phenomenon would include a small group of humans who have split from the 'nefarious human group,' extraterrestrials, spiritual Beings or all three. It is also sensible to assume that spiritual Beings come in both positive and negative forms and may also be influencing the overall UFO-ET phenomenon.
There may be efforts to show abductees what mankind's future holds, perhaps even to demonstrate what some of the aliens are planning to do. Many of the visions and teaching dreams that abductees experience illustrate that a catastrophic war and Earth changes will occur in our future. &sup4; Through desensitization and training, the visions, teaching dreams and other scenarios may be tools the ETs are using as a way to help abductees maintain a certain level of functioning during a future event of this magnitude.
To read Katharina Wilson's complete 10-part monograph Project Open Mind / MILABS: Are Some Alien Abductions Government Mind Control Experiments?Click on > http://www.alienjigsaw.com Or > http://www.alienjigsaw.com/yk2/pom_toc.html


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From: Monika Stoces <monika.stoces@gmail.com>
Date: 2008/11/8
Subject: I did read your article on Milabs, for sure that an enormous deception campaign is going on , but on entire humanity
To: K_Wilson@alienjigsaw.com

Dear Katharina,

I  did read your article on Milabs, http://www.ufodigest.com/news/0208/milabs.html

And for sure that an enormous deception campaign is going on at the moment, but not only on the alien abductees, but on humanity, and that is why I am contacting you, apologize my bad English please, I am from Belgium.

You write: "Although there are striking differences between the experiences of abductees and mind control victims, there are similarities as well"

And that is totally correct, I would even say more precisely that the moment the "window dressing of the experience is taken off, and only the evolution, possibility of the technology and the style of deception is analysed, that the experience is latterly one and the same…..

I Ill explain …. The technology does not only "make abductees see things, but also tampers with memory,so can make people "remember things"

You write also: "Maintaining Secrecy whether we are dealing with extraterrestrials or a nefarious group of powerful human beings, there appears to be a disinformation campaign underway. This has been orchestrated to mislead abductees - and therefore the research community and the public - as to what the truth is. In order to take the focus away from the true agenda, the aliens may want us to remember seeing "humans," and the humans may want us to remember seeing "aliens"

And also that is very true , but there is more : people don't only get to see or are made to remember aliens , but also they sometimes are made to remember for instance "Satanic Ritual Abuse, or "mind control experiments in childhood like mk ultra ….do you see HOW far the deception goes ? In case the until now most debate is on aliens and government,

I think it is important to see that ALL  so called "recovered memories " are artificial and in the first place the content is to "deceive" , just as you were describing correctly : "to maintain the secrecy "

Already Walter Boward said many years ago http://www.whale.to/b/bowart6.html I've seen several patterns emerge, and one of them is the Satanic or cult ritual abuse pattern, and the other one's the alien abduction experience,I have developed, added the mind control to the comparison of descriptions and reports from people that report alien abduction experiences, ritual abuse, and the government mind control side of things. And it's very interesting for the similarity, there are so many similarities it looks like one and the same thing,.

On recovered memories briefly this


This is a few links to some important recent ritual abuse information, and a recent survey too , and the symptoms in these people are also very similar if not the same , as in targeted individuals and alien abductees. http://sites.google.com/site/globaldeception/Home/satanic-ritual-abuse--trauma-based-mind-control

 I am in touch with Randy Noblit , a psychotherapist who works with "survivors " of ritual abuse, He meanwhile got in touch with the USA group of targeted individuals, and seems to see the similarities , but I am not sure if he realy believes it is all caused now and remotely …

The comparison with targeted individuals briefly here http://sites.google.com/site/globaldeception/symptoms-mind-control-past-present


 Survivors of extreme abuse of satanic rituals and trauma based mind control, believe that their "programming" has happened in childhood,

They often accuse specific people or their government, same as the abductees create many different possible theories on government involvement, there is many people believing the mind control childhood survivors that the abuse was real and only remembered in adult hood …. I think this is a big mistake, it explains also the huge controversy on "recovered memories I believe, and the "obvious reality of the experience "

The explanation of the programming being done in childhood, prevents many from going to human rights, because the manipulation, the abuse and attack in fact , is happening the moment they start to remember the memories …this is another way to maintain the secrecy, aside of making people tell and think they are "abducted by aliens" , of course its not easy to go with that story to the police …..:

Many people are now becoming conscious of the use of some kind of manipulation technology on them, call themselves "targeted individuals, rapport in 80 percent so called "organized" stalking, that I consider also as remote manipulation of groups of people.

I did realize this myself  only in 2005, and meanwhile I see that this is a silent epidemic , i am since than in touch with a large amount of people trying to get the word out, to human rights organizations or media, and that is not really working well until now, many keep ignoring it because they think we are somehow "mentally ill"

Who consider it being technology don't want to be associated with aliens or paranormal things , scared to sound even more weird than if they would talk about mind control, in, me personally I do find that a huge mistake , because the totality of all this is camouflaged as seemingly unrelated and  weird sounding things , alien abductions, entities , recovered memories of satanic ritual abuse  or "organized stalking, and with all these groups realizing it is one and the same thing , we would be able to bring it out more efficiently.

This started as far as I can see , to become visible in the late 70 ties, and is now really a huge problem in fact.

Am looking for more people to cooperate with, slowly moving forward to put all what happens in one consistent picture, and get any kind of university or official organization to start to monitor it , as long of course it is considered as many different things , especially aliens or paranormal stuff ,  I guess  that nobody will take it seriously to put an official institution on this , at least not as a problem of human rights , and that is personally my biggest concern  at this moment, It cannot be taken seriously, unless it becomes clear the different explanations of victims of this are the consequence of deception ….that of course sounds a very good reason to investigate it anyway and urgently as very serious  human rights violations ..


 There was about this problem an article in the Washington post last year."(Susan Clancy mentions in the article the similarities with aliens abductees but does not even wonder why

Mind Games Washington Post January 2007.



 I am trying to organize the targeted individuals a little bit, in Europe and I am also part of a world wide team, sending around case summaries or call it testimonies of "targeted individuals, or mind control victims around the world"

My problem is a little bit that my English is not so well to write really good letters or articles about it, still I think my ideas about it are pretty correct, while most people are being deceived on many different ways, and little people until now realize the connections between the different things.

Also there is running a survey on the subject, and the results are very interesting, showing what the technology is capable of , and when this problem started to accelerate …(in 2000 or 2001) . It would be nice to hear your reaction on this and any kind of ideas what we could do or proposals if maybe you could be of any help and willing to cooperate in some way or another,  We have over 700 personal testimonies in our mail team. 

You can find them in link here together with the most recent survey results attached and some mere contact information of us.


I would very much like to do something more with all this than at the moment we are managing to do. The global implications are enormous. I hope to hear from you on this important matter.



In case you pass me your phone number I can give you a call.

My contact details are

Monika Stoces

Oudemansstraat 22

2000 Antwerpen

00 32 (0)3 288 83 20



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